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It started with a phone call.

It was a quick phone call between longtime friends and colleagues that led to the grand opening of McAllen Nut & Bolt LLC in July 2012.

A little over a year ago, Cesar Aguirre was working as a sales rep for a manufacturing company when he got a phone call from his friend and former colleague, Luis De Anda.

Back in 1981, Aguirre’s brother, Tony, started a fastener company in McAllen on 10th Street, and Cesar began working there when he was in middle school.

The Wurth Group, who are German investors, purchased the company in the late 90s and the business grew. Cesar stayed on an additional 10 years as branch manager of the 23rd St. location. Cesar then resigned his position to open Sprint stores inside of H.E.B.’s.

After 15 years of ownership, the Wurth Group was ready to eliminate the retail/over the counter business to focus more on the assembly/maquiladora business.

De Anda, who had been with the company for 24 years, beginning as a deliveryman, had the opportunity to buy the company.
On one end of the phone call, De Anda asked Aguirre if he wanted to go in with him on the deal to buy the business, which stocks structural, drywall, and concrete fasteners, along with a wide array of tools and industrial supplies.

On the other end, the answer was immediate: “Yes.” And the decision for Aguirre was an easy one.“It’s in my blood,” said Aguirre, 45. “It’s something that I respect and want to serve. I knew there was a need for it and demand to be met, and McAllen is still growing. This is a great opportunity to grow with the city, and I wanted to be part of it.”

That’s a big reason that McAllen Nut & Bolt – formerly known as McAllen Bolt & Screw – will retain the “McAllen” moniker first and foremost. Aguirre says he’s excited because advances in technology and shipping will aid him both in serving his community and potentially growing the business and its customer base beyond McAllen’s borders.

De Anda is equally excited with the challenge ahead. “Our game plan is to not only bring back and retain customers but to get new customers who have been coming from other parts of the state.
“We can provide better service for customers and take that service to the next level.”
But there’s another important reason Aguirre says he’s excited.

“I am excited because this is something He has allowed me to do at this time,” said Aguirre, referring to his faith in a higher power. “Luis was a delivery guy, and now he owns the business. With Him, you ask, just open one door, and now Luis owns that door.

“It’s amazing. It really is.”

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